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Computer Literacy Course (COMP 13013)

Course Code     :  COMP 13013
Learning Outcome :

At the end of the course students will be able to acquire basic IT Skills required for use of office applications,create and manage a small database and appreciate the use of the internet and e-mail.

Method of Teaching and Learning        : 


The course will be delivered in a combination of lectures and practical sessions.

Assessment            : End-of-course examination and continuous assessments.
Duration                : 165 hours
Course Content    :

Introduction to Computers & Networks:

History of computers, Evolution of Computers, Computer Environment, main components (Input, Output, CPU, Memory), Secondary Storage, Connection Ports (SCSI, USB)

Introduction to MS DOS & MS Windows XP:

DOS Commands, Getting started with Windows XP, Creating/ Moving/ Deleting/ Renaming Files and folders

Microsoft Word:

Introduction, Screen Layout, Working with files, Working with text, Formatting, Styles, Lists, Tables, Graphics, Spelling & Grammer, Page Formatting, Macros, Mail Merge

Microsoft Excel:

Introduction, Creating workbook, Entering text/numbers, Writing formulas, Advanced Excel commands, Formatting the appearance of a workbook, Page formatting, Creating charts, Macros, Linking documents

Microsoft Access:

ntroduction to Databases, Crteating database, Adding, Changing, Deleting records, Queries, Forms, Reports, Relationships

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Introduction, Presentations, Design template, Slides,Inserting MS Excel charts, Animating text and Objects, Using WordArt in presentations, Adding flash movie to a presentation, Recording and publishing Audio Presentations

Internet & E-Mail:

Introduction, Internet services, WWW, Introduction to web pages, web browsers, Search engines, Searching web sites, Electronic Mail



Opening Hours

Weekdays -

    8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Saturdays & Sundays -

   8.00 am to 4.00 pm

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