MS Software (Azure Dev Tools)

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly Microsoft Imagine, puts professional, no-cost developer tools, including Visual Studio Enterprise, in the hands of students and faculty. These titles allow users to create cross-platform apps, manage application lifecycles, create modern reports with actionable insights, and more. Students can use the tools to develop and create apps, games, and websites.

Azure Dev Tools are available to all academic staff and students at the university subject to the same restrictions of use, purely for academic instruction and research, and not for commercial gain or for the administration of departmental or university services.


Before download software you need to register for Azure Dev Tools

Registration Link

*When you create the account Please Select the Personal type of account create

Enter Your Kelani Net Login ID and Password as below


For Staff: (

For Students: (



Download or Use Online Software

After you completed registration you can download or use online software from visit below link.
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